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Dallas Blues Telecaster Pickups

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Dallas Blues Tele Set,  Constructed using Flush Alnico 2 magnets, 42ga Plain Enamel magnet wire and cloth lead wires.  The best blues tone is achieved, funky deep bass, clean brilliant trebles, and a nice balanced mid range, is what makes this set the best.  Use this set to play any range of Blues, Funk, or Classic rock.  This set takes pedals very good.   Wax potted to avoid unwanted microphonics.  Output: Neck 7.5k & Bridge 8.50k.

Video Clips:
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Telecaster Control Plate Assembly Click Below

- 3 Way Control Plate +$70.00
- 4 Way Control Plate +$75.00

All Pickups Hand Scatter wound for the best tonal response!

  Dallas Blues Tele Set
SKU: KP-0107
Price: $190.00

  Dallas Blues Tele Neck
SKU: KP-0107
Price: $90.00

  Dallas Blues Bridge
SKU: KP-0107
Price: $100.00


Upgrade to a Telecaster Neck Raw Nickel Cover (Bare)

Upgrade to a Telecaster Neck Nickel Plated Cover

Upgrade to a Telecaster Neck Gold Cover

Upgrade to an Open Top Telecaster Neck Nickel Cover