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1961 Epic Series Telecaster Pickup

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1961 Epic Series Telecaster Pickups with Original Alloy 1961 Magnets.

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- Our Epic Series 1961 Pickups use Original Alloy Magnets.  Original magnets were sent to an Independent Laboratory for Metallurgical Chemical Analysis Testing.  We then contracted direct with our magnet manufacturer to get the magnets Specially Poured to the exact composition of the Originals.  The magnets are cut to the exact length as the original's were.  The bridge pickup has a compensated raised "D" & "G" pole, with the "G" being slightly lower than the "D".  We are the only manufacturer who offers Original Alloy Magnets.  Pure, Sweet, and Authentic Tone. 

Klein Pickups LLC 1961 Telecaster Original Alloy Magnets

- Our 42ga Plain Enamel wire is not just stock wire.  We have sent several samples of wire from early telecasters for analysis.  We get our 42ga Plain Enamel built to the exact specs of the samples we have had analyzed.  Exact Resistance, Exact ID & OD, & Color matching.  As we have stated above, this is not just a stock spool of wire. 

- Tone, the tone of our Authentic 1961 pickups are very classic and articulate.  These puppies have twang and clarity.  Much different in the terms of the earlier Blackguard Era pickups.  From the transition from the Blackguard Era to the White guard Era, outputs dropped.  Most think this was not a good thing and they are wrong.  The pickup has a nice and big, round, and clear bottom (bass) end.  The mid range is more on the medium side, present, & available but it's not going to blow through your amp rather it will allow you to run your amp at a louder volume with out pickups distorting the front end.  You could look at it like this, the pickups give you more clean headroom.  The top end is very clear, the unwound strings don't distort as they do with hotter pickups.

- Compression, current production Alnico 5 is very bright & extremely strong, it has a rather harsh upper mid range compression.  The Original 1961 Alloy Alnico 5 is by far smoother, more pleasing to the ear, and vintage magnets have a lower mid range compression, not the upper mids as found in current Alnico 5.  It really has a nice tele honk to it.

- More fun stuff.  Equipping your guitar with the 1961 Epic Telecaster pickups will be a ride that you have never traveled down before.  These puppies take effects pedals extremely well, especially gain & compression pedals.  The signal from the pickups is weaker than earlier pickups so when the signal enters the pedal, you get more of the pedal's character.  The White guard Era began mid way through the year in 1954 when the black bakelite pickguards were replaced with white ABS 1 ply pickguards.  We also have our telecaster baseplates specially manufactured.  We start with cold rolled steel, then it gets stamped, mounting holes are tapped, then to plating.  Our baseplates are vintage correct, 0.06" thick, not the thin stuff available through other companies.  Copper plated.

If you want your neck pickup Nitrocellulose Lacquer potted like the originals, we can offer that at no additional charge, but it will increase the production time by approximately 72 hours for cure time. 

Output:  Bridge 5.8k, Neck 6.5k

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By Derron Blakely
Category 5 Amplification:  Model - Vera

  1961 Epic Series Telecaster Pickup Set
SKU: KP-1041
Price: $210.00

  1961 Epic Series Telecaster Bridge Pickup
SKU: KP-1041
Price: $110.00

  1961 Epic Series Telecaster Neck Pickup
SKU: KP-1041
Price: $100.00


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