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122 Daugherty Street, Suite #5
Denton, Texas, 76205, USA

Monday - Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm CST
Saturday & Sunday Closed (Weekends are for Families, spend time with them.   Life is short.)  

*** Please Be Advised ***

Multiple emails, Multiple submissions, Multiple Inquiries to our site places your emails into our SPAM FOLDER.  We have a very stringent email system that filters out junk mail and bot mail. 

We have also not inflated our prices due to the "PANIC" inflation that every other company has, so we have seen an influx of orders.   While we appreciate the influx, we have had several inquires to the lead times.   Our lead times will be 2-4 weeks.   We try to keep them lower when we can however when you order from Klein Pickups, you are 100% guaranteed to get a pickup built by Mr. Klein himself.  Not an employee who doesn't care about music or doesn't care about anything but a paycheck from an inflated payroll.   You get a genuine pickup built by Mr. Klein and not a representative.   This seems like it may be a long process and the wait time may seem longer but know that when you hear and feel the tone of a "Klein Pickup" you are feeling the same tone that Mr. Klein plays in his personal guitars!